#134 – Vitruvian Gingerbread Man

Hey look!  It’s Cori again!!  This is getting to be a habit, innit.  And, yeah, she has a cool background again.  =)  Okay okay, the clipping mask could be better, yeah yeah, just enjoy the pretty colors okay.

We really love cookies, but like, who doesn’t!

The design is entitled “You Can’t Catch Me,” being a reference to the story about the gingerbread man.  fFrankly, I never understood that story at all.  It could have been called “Vitruvian Gingerbread Man” but in fFairness that name seems to be taken by a half-finished design, over at Threadless.

Leonardo da Vinci gets all the credit on the original design — well he did draw it — but he actually just cribbed a lot of notes fFrom Vitruvius, the Roman Architect.  The guy in the circle is pretty important, but the real point of the design is to illustrate proportional lengths, observable throughout the body.

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