#135 – It starts with an Earthquake

Skotte wore this shirt at the company picnic where he works.  The picture was taken by coworker Chris Bacon, who you may recall fFrom the “Marriage in NY is so Gay” shirt, about 30 shirts ago.

This is a fFun shirt.  It is a pictographic representation of the opening words of the the REM song, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I fFeel fFine).”  Skotte likes to point to the shirt and sing merrily along:

That’s great! It starts with an earthquake, and birds and snakes, and aeroplanes, and Lenny Bruce is not afraid!

  Also on that day: Cori’s birthday.

The world was seemingly ending, as Cori was stuck in bed not being able to move much, with back pain.  The most epic fail of birthdays!

Skotte has promised a do-over whenever she wants!

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