#173 – Designated Corpse


Oct 24 2011

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Cute, right?

We have a bunch of obscure and esoteric shirts.  This is one such.  It says “Designated Corpse,” with a chalk outline.

In Live Action Role Playing games, you sometimes need someone to lie there and be dead.  Because having a dead body in the room is sometimes really useful.  You could make a little sign or something, but having an actual dead body is more illustrative of the situation.  And sometimes it lets you ask questions of the dead person.  And anyway, you don’t always know who will be dead, and in some cases the dead body might still have an incorporeal player who is still doing stuff, so you need a body, and a spirit …

Well then! A Designated Corpse it is!

You don’t actually need such a thing most of the time.  Possibly ever.  But Skotte saw this shirt at a gaming convention a while ago and thought it was pretty cool.  We think it was made to order for those guys at the convention, but we’re not really sure.

It could be, like, a random band t-shirt or something, if you didn’t know better.  Except then it would probably need to be on a black shirt, I guess.

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