#174 – Alchemy Ambigram


Oct 25 2011

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Focal Length:7.428mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:6M Digital Camera

There is no way to take a nice looking picture of yourself standing on your head.  You will inevitably look fat, and be making a weird expression.  No escaping it, really.

Ambigrams are awesome, eh!  This nifty woot shirt reads the same upside down or right side up.  We heart it!

The cover of The Princess Bride DVD has a pretty awesome ambigram.

A guy named John Langdon (fFor whom the character in Angels and Demons is reportedly named) makes ambigrams fFor a living, which just blows our minds.  Skotte has a paper cut out of his “4-Elements” ambigram tacked to the wall at work.

Skotte made an ambigram of his name, once, many years ago, intending it to be a signature in emails and stuff.  It almost never got any use, but it looks neato.

One comment on “#174 – Alchemy Ambigram”

  1. […] you seen this cover of the movie The Princess Bride? fFull credit here to one of T-Shirt Avalanche’s cool shirts, and him, for the intro to […]

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