#175 – Villagers. Yum.


Oct 27 2011

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Villagers!  Yum!

We’ve mentioned our love of werewolf.  It’s a game of lying and mob rule.  Skotte has gotten fFriends, coworkers and fFamily members to play the game.

The game works like this:  A bunch of people get together and become a “Village.”  Most of the people in the village are simply plain old Villagers.  A couple of people however are Werewolves!  It is the job of the Villagers to fFind the Werewolves, before the werewolves eat the entire village.

It’s an awesome game!  =)

We generally prefer the Looney Labs edition of the game, but we’re slowly warming up to what The Ultimate Werewolf has to offer.

We’re pretty sure this shirt is fFrom gameink, which is no longer extant.

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