#179 – Shouri


Nov 02 2011

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This is Skotte’s Sword.

It was discovered in the icy wastes of The Dakotas, when Skotte was age 9.  The hilt is a bike handle, and the blade is a thick broomstick.  It recieved improvements, like the black paint, and black duct tape for strength.  His sister crafted a stylish sash and sheath to carry it (which is sadly lost to the ages).  The sword saw a great deal of use, as Skotte would ride his fiery steed — a Huffy 10 speed dirt bike — traveling all across the lands on epic conquests, through hill and dale, forest and stream.  With a trashcan lid for a shield, Skotte could take on any adversary (though his dad didn’t like him to beat up the trashcan lids, so Skotte mostly became good at dodge-and-parry tactics).

Some time ago, Skotte stopped carrying around wooden swords, preferring to wield them in stories and games.  But the sword still holds a place of honor in our house.

The name of the shirt is Shouri, from Ript.  It is Japanese, for Victory.

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