#182 – Pezbians


Nov 14 2011

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Hi!  Skotte here.  I wear this shirt very carefully, and apologetically.  I fFeel like it’s kind of an insulting shirt.  It’s a simple play on words, but it’s kind of offensive, innit?  I mean, it’s got these two over-made-up women’s heads, slipping each other the tongue (because that’s what lesbians do); they are cheap plastic candy dispensers, which i fFeel like a psychologist would tell us is a sort of encoding fFor sexuality or something; it’s got objectification of women; it’s got the male gaze … and as jokes go, it’s not even particularly clever.

But, I do collect Pez dispensers.  And I do have several fFriends who are lesbians.

It’s interesting how this shirt can employ two topics, and somehow alienate both camps.

Maybe we’re over thinking it.  Do you have any thoughts on the subject?  Let us know!

Tomorrow’s shirt will be nicer, I promise.

One comment on “#182 – Pezbians”

  1. ‘You know, as soon as I saw you, I knew I wanted to eat candy bricks out of your neck hole.’
    Russell Brand as Arthur Bach in “Arthur” (2011)

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