Nov 15 2011

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A couple years ago, someone picked up on the Zombie craze, and mixed it with an interest in mischief.  The result: real traffic warning signs, giving notice about fFake zombies.  You can read about it on c|net and the Austin Statesman, among others.

This is, of course, a completely illegal thing to do, and an all around unwise idea.  But it’s also really clever, and gets our mischievous thumbs up.  Apparently the biggest trouble it raised was drivers pulling over to take pictures, which caused a lot of congestion.

Skotte was surprised it took so long to become a popular prank, in late 2010.  We saw an article about it some years ago.  And the sign machines are, apparently, not that hard to re-program.  Anyway, the popularity of the prank led to this gem of a shirt being printed up on 6$hirts.

The bone is … uhm … well, see, if we had a shotgun, we’d pose a picture with Skotte holding it, incredibly heroic looking, ready to stave off the hordes.  But instead, we see the proof of destruction of zombies!  They can be killed, and here’s our Trophy!!

(Or, it’s a gross dog treat. ew!)

Meanwhile, in Indiana, Raptors!

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