#184 – Bringing Nerdy Back


Nov 16 2011

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We are unbelievably nerdy people, Cori and Skotte.  The Weird Al song “White and Nerdy” is sort of a biography fFor us. (Skotte really wants a Segway!)

Here’s something awesome! The Chicken Dance, on The Lawrence Welk Show, with the amazing Myron Floren on Accordion!!!

Okay, here is something that is genuinely mindblowingly good:  Myron Floren, playing The Lady of Spain!!!!  No matter how loud you play your guitar, you will never be as amazing as this dude.  His fFerocity reminds one of Peter Sellers as Dr Strangelove.

And now!  Bert presents Doin’ the Pidgeon!!  It’s so hip, it’s fFar out!

One comment on “#184 – Bringing Nerdy Back”

  1. “2006, White and Nerdy” Was a Jeopardy clue today, in a category to identify the artist! Jimi Hendrix was, of course, the question!

    No, scratch that, “Weird Al” Yankovic.

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