#207 – Ugly Holiday Sweater


Dec 26 2011

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Skotte had a LOT of fun on Christmas this year!  Maybe a bit too much fun!

It’s not clear how long ugly holiday sweaters have been around.  They tend to be gaudy, brightly colored, and feature some element of the holiday season.

To be sure, an ugly holiday sweater (especially if handmade) contains a lot of hard work and love.  There is a certain beauty in the simplicity of the pattern, the innocent childlike wonder of the true nature of the season.

In this shirt, for example, we have ice skates and a rink, and trees amid falling snow.

Have you ever been ice skating?  (Or roller skating!)  Did you receive skates as a child?  Cori remembers the first time she got ice skates. She was soooo excited!  It was an invitation to a magical world of beautiful dancing on ice. She remembers putting on her skates for the first time, the stiff feel around her ankle, making sure the laces were tightened up, standing up and wobbling back and forth until she found her balance.

Do you remember the first time you saw snow?  Gently falling flakes of white, which reflect light and sometimes shine like diamonds.

Back to the sweaters…

Check out the rudolph sweater in Bridget Jones’ Diary.

This young girl… well, she doesn’t quite know how to see the “beauty” like we adults can… so watch, laugh, and learn from her grandmother’s mistake.

Weatherman Jordan Witzel tells us where he got his ugly holiday sweater, in case you now have a hankering for one of your own.

Looking for a fundraising idea?  Check out this story! (Click here for their website if you want to make a donation.)

And some… are just ugly.  Period.

Woot Shirt!

♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪

♪  ♪  On the eleventh shirt of Christmas my true love gave to me, ugly sweater one!  ♪

♪  ♪ Santa Claus, Nothing!, 8 bowling pin-guinsArtic Animals, Jack the Pumpkin King, Five penguiiiiiiiiins  ♪  ♪

♪  ♪ The Grinch who stole the tree, girl in crown of light, a goddess of the snow, and a Santa Suit and cane of candy! ♪  ♪

♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪

The shirt giveaway is now closed, and we will announce the winner tomorrow, December 27th, 2011.

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