#208 – Ugly Holiday Sweater 2010


Dec 27 2011

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Ugly Sweaters galore!  This one came from woot last year.

Maddie’s a good puppy, and doesn’t mind wearing hats too much.  But she was happy when we were done.  =)

The madness of the ugly sweater doesn’t end!!

You know Skotte and Cori play World of Warcraft.  Well, in game, they have given everyone the gift of an Ugly Sweater!!  We’ve collected some screenshots of the hideous thing on flickr.  Actually, we realized Skotte has a bunch of nice pics, so we should start posting some of those of there.  At the moment, there’s some nice “Winter Veil” pics you can admire.

Meanwhile, over on youtube, a monstrous creation unleashes it’s terror on the world, in a short entitled “An Ugly Sweater Story.”  You have been warned!!!

We are pleased and horrified to discover, you too can buy your own ugly sweater from BuyUglySweaters.com.  But we can’t imagine why you’d want to.

♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪

♪  ♪  On the twelfth  shirt of Christmas my true love gave to me, Ugly sweater two!  ♪

♪  ♪ Ugly sweater one, Santa Claus, Nothing!, 8 bowling pin-guinsArtic Animals, Jack the Pumpkin King, Five penguiiiiiiiiins  ♪  ♪

♪  ♪ The Grinch who stole the tree, girl in crown of light, a goddess of the snow, and a Santa Suit and cane of candy! ♪  ♪

♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪ ♪  ♪

And!!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for!  The winner of our T-shirt give-away contest!!  We determined the winner using random.org’s number generator.  We assigned every entry a number, then selected one number for the winner.  As random as possible.

And the winner is …..

Amie C!!

We’ll be in touch with you, Amie, and a hearty thanks to everyone who participated!!!  Due to the success of this one, we will probably do more give-aways in the fFuture.

2 comments on “#208 – Ugly Holiday Sweater 2010”

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