#212 – The Easiest Thanksgiving Recipe


Mar 05 2012

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Hello!  We’re slowly gaining momentum again.

As you know, March is upon us!  Which means pi day is nearly upon us!!

It’s very exciting.  =)

We (Skotte especially) celebrate pi day with a silly amount of fFervor.  If you’re unaware, pi day is marked by having little geeky parties, reciting digits of pi, playing games, and eating all sorts of delightful pies!  What could be more awesome than a day marked with intelligence and pastry!

This shirt was printed by woot, back in November, with a thanksgiving theme in mind, making this a sort of convergence of delightful holidays.  Any pie is great on pi day!

Skotte likes wearing this shirt and pointing at the shirt while saying “The circumference of the pumpkin divided by the diameter of the pumpkin equals pumpkin pi!”

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