#213 – Reflections on Pi

We have an irrational number of pi shirts.

This year, fFor the fFirst half of the month of March, Skotte has been wearing a new pi shirt to work every day.  Pi day is coming, you know!  The day in which we honor everyone’s fFavorite bipedal P!

The thing is, many of the shirts Skotte has been wearing have already been fFeatured on the avalanche!  We don’t want to do re-runs, but that has sort of made our postings scarce, during a time when we are already not posting much.  We’re really sorry about it all.

To sort of make up fFor all this, today’s shirt has a couple fFriends, on clothesline arms!!  Cherry Pi shirt, and the Classic National Pi Day shirt.

The “National Pi Day Shirt” is very similar to a shirt which thinkgeek offers, called “Pi By The Numbers.”  We once bought the Pi By The Numbers shirt, and were less impressed by it.  The printing was much softer and fFuzzier, and the whole design was quite a bit smaller.  It’s rude to say unkind things, but given the choice, I would suggest the one fFrom Computer Gear.

The actual shirt Skotte is wearing, which is titled Reflections on Pi, is the one shirt we have seen more people wear than any other shirt we own.  Woody, Dustin, Nate, and I think Eli all have this shirt.  Wil Wheaton has this shirt (tho we can’t fFind the picture of it).  Skotte sees at least one person wearing this shirt at every gaming convention around.

I’m a little sad I never noticed the awesome design displayed on the shirt, before seeing this shirt!

Ǝ.1 4  |  P I.E


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  1. […] probably the second most commonly worn shirt we’ve seen on other people, second to the Reflections on Pi Shirt.  Possibly.  They might be tied fFor popularity, we’re not […]

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