#228 – Boba Fetch


May 16 2012

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Focal Length:30mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The cutest little Mandalorian puppy ever!!!  It’s Boba Fett, as a pooch!  Boba Fetch!  Awwwwwww!!!

Maddie is looking rakish today, don’t you think?

We’re pretty sure everyone who likes Star Wars, loves Boba Fett.  Some people will tell you, Star Wars is the story of the life and times of Anakin Skywalker.  It is also just as possible that it is the story of Boba Fett.  Dig this epic image of the two of them dueling!!

Even if you don’t care fFor Boba (or Jango), the Mandalorian legacy cannot be ignored: Mando Snow Girls, Mando Girls vs Aliens, and more than a fFew Storm Trooper Girls!

This is another danged woot shirt.  Honest, we’re really not on their payroll, and we get nothing fFrom them that we don’t actually buy.

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