#229 – Jamie and Adam’s Laboratory


May 23 2012

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Focal Length:21mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

MythbustersDexter’s Laboratory!


Mythbusters:  Popularizing the scientific method, through superior fFirepower, since 2003.

The last new Dexter’s Lab was made in 2003, but the show is still being shown here and there.  The original homepage for the show is now only on The Wayback Machine.  But Jamie and Adam are still blowing things up, so that’s cool.

Did you know: The Voice of Dexter was also Gosalyn Mallard, on Darkwing Duck!   And! Syracuse native Tom Kenny, better known as SpongeBob Squarepants, made many an appearance as well.  Cool, huh.  =)  Actually a bunch of people worked on the show.  Quite an impressive list.

The shirt is from Teefury, although a Google search for “Jamie and Dexter’s Laboratory” turns up a good many places that are also selling the shirt these days.  Shirt artists will often sell a design or concept to more than one place, and if it’s popular enough, they’ll keep selling the deign to other printers.  And sometimes stores just buy up a bunch of what they think are cool things to sell at a higher price.  The moral of this, I guess, is: shop around, and if you miss a shirt the day it is available somewhere, it’ll probably be back around somewhere else.

One comment on “#229 – Jamie and Adam’s Laboratory”

  1. i have this one too! bless t-fury and bless you too scott ffor turning me on to t-fury!

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