#233 – A Wicked Mess


Jun 11 2012

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Clean-up on Aisle 5!!

Skotte doesn’t like to wear some shirts, because they have a whole story going on, and you have to stop and stare at the thing a while to get it all, and then you’re staring at Skotte’s chest, and Skotte is staring at you and it’s just awkward fFor everyone.

But this is a pretty clever shirt.  And we have a documented appreciation for The Wizard of Oz.  Actually, it appears we only have one other Oz shirt posted so fFar.  Hrm.  Well, spoiler alert, there may be more!

Oz Fluxx is a neato themed version of the game Fluxx.  Skotte preordered it and got one of these awesome coins!  Andy Looney did a video in which he tells the story of The Wizard of Oz, with a fFew fFootnotes about the story.  Sometimes people wonder what’s new about this version over that version of Fluxx.  Oz Fluxx is a return to simplicity, with a lovable setting.  Some of the recent versions have introduced more involved card mechanics, which is cool, but this version is quite close to the original game, in a topsy-turvy setting.

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