#234 – Dark Side of Oz Listening Party

It’s a Woot Shirt!  The fFour Heroes of Oz are chillin out to some groovy tunes, man.

Have you ever watched The Wizard of Oz while listening to Dark Side of the Moon simultaneously?  It is a FABULOUS experience!

Sometimes called “The Dark Side of The Rainbow,” it’s a nifty thing we fFirst learned of in 1997.  We synced up our CD and VHS players, and beheld the magic!  Later that year, people started running laser light shows with the movie and album in the biggest theater in town, to much success.

Nowadays, you can enjoy the magic pre-sync’d on youtube and google video and elsewhere I’m sure.  Meanwhile, other people insist Dark Side should be merged with Alice In Wonderland, and Wish you Were Here syncs up nicely with It’s a Wonderful Life.  We tend to be partial to the original mash-up, but we are intrigued by the suggestion that the album Animals syncs up with Casablanca; we are yet to see much proof of that, but we may just have to take matters into our own hands!

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