#252 – Only Memories, at the Library


Oct 05 2012

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Focal Length:31mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This shirt is titled Only Memories, and features a rabbit making some impressive graffiti of rolling mountains and lush forests. Also, it’s a woot shirt.

You may not expect Rochester to be a place of awesome graffiti (assuming you like graffiti in the first place).  But there’s some amazing groups, including FUA (which might mean ‘From Up Above’ or, ‘Full Urban Assault’) which do amazing work here.  They have been hired to do things like murals for Mayor Bob Duffy’s campaign, which may sound a little institutional.  They also do a ton of work all the time in places like the abandoned subway, which is frankly kind of dangerous.  Or sometimes they get together and do something really cool.  Although our favorite is this Alfred Hitchcock homage.

And then there’s the piece of The Berlin Wall on display at Bausch and Lomb, which had to have the graffiti artificially re-added.  How funny.

Hey look!  Cori is going to or from the Library!  Libraries are excellent things, eh.  =)

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