#253 – Harlot


Oct 31 2012

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

harlot:  early 13c., “vagabond,” from O.Fr. herlot, arlot “vagabond, tramp”(usually male in M.E. and O.Fr.), with forms in O.Prov. (arlot), O.Sp. (arlote), and It. (arlotto), of unknown origin. Used in both positive and pejorative senses by Chaucer; applied to jesters, buffoons, jugglers, later to actors.

It came to pass that my troupe was camped along the great old canal.  Our gypsy lifestyle did not appeal to most of the nearby residents, but we didn’t mind.  We were there to do a job – we put on a few shows for the locals.  My fellow entertainers performed acrobatic routines, dramatic readings, exotic dances, and sold caramel apples (my mother’s recipe) made with local pommes.

The women swooned and fawned over me as I dazzled them with magic tricks and slights of hand.  I used copious amounts of flash paper, and befuddled them with word wizardry. My hat was passed and soon it was full of paper and coins.

One particular lass approached me after our last show. She knew of my weakness for playing desk games, like Carcassonne.  We settled in by the fire as the sun set, placing tiles and working our farms. She did not take it easy on me, nor I her.  Our battle for castles and roads was very close. In the end, she may have won the game, but I won her heart.

Fictional Interlude by The Spice, Coriander.

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