#269 – Adorably Grotesque Green Shambling Pi Symbol T-shirt

This shirt comes from Science Teecher.

The shirt doesn’t seem to be available now, but  Skotte bought it last October.

Digby Willard runs ScienceTeecher.com and seems to be a pretty cool dude. We first found the website when Skotte got Pi Earrings. If we could, we’d probably own one of everything on the site. It is Geek Heaven!

You may also note Skotte’s cool Dharma Pi necklace.  He swooped the picture up during the big Lost craze.

Pi Love is something I have inherited from hanging around Skotte for so many years. When I first met him, any time someone said the word “pie,” he would start saying Pi to… oh, I’m not sure how many digits. He REALLY loves Pi. Today, he is not as annoying diligent in reciting the numbers, but he still can if you ask him.

I found a Pi shirt that I would really enjoy owning as I am a Die Hard fan. Maybe for next year!

Yippee-pi-day, Quantum Trekkers!


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