#270 – Trivial Matters


Mar 13 2013

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It’s a Woot shirt, of course!

Pi and Trivial Pursuit.

Skotte and  I got into Trivial Pursuit when we got our Xbox. We played live sometimes with friends all over the country. Many games were played between Skotte and I until we had lots of the answers memorized from playing it so much.

Growing up, I was not a big fan of Trivial Pursuit because I rarely knew the answer to anything! As an adult, I fare better, but it’s still not a favorite game.  It’s fun to sit around in a large group of friends and just try to answer the questions for fun though.

On the Xbox version, I tried to hit the Arts and Entertainment questions as often as possible. It’s my favorite category, what can I say?

Skotte is holding a Pi pie dish from What On Earth. He’s had it for a number of years. Tomorrow it will be filled with delicious Pi Pie, of course.


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