#274 – Let’s Jam!

You may have heard – I had a birthday this month!

This shirt was one of my presents!

It came from TeeFury.

This shirt represents Ein from Cowboy Bebop.

♥ ♥ ♥ Pembroke Welsh Corgi love! ♥ ♥ ♥

Ein is an enhanced data dog. Basically, this means he is very smart. However, he can only bark (duh, he’s a dog, Cori!). Only Radical Edward seems to understand what he is saying, so his intelligence is often overlooked by the others.

But, we all know how smart and loyal corgis are!

You might remember that we used to have a corgi of our own – Daisy!

Click above to see it on the YouTubes.

(Check out this Cowboy Bebop tumblr. The pictures above came from there!)

Any corgi owner will tell you what a faithful companion corgis are.

Ein was no exception!


If you haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop and plan to and don’t want spoilers, don’t look below.

Watch here to see him go with Radical Edward!



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