#325 – Let’s Party!

Happy Winter Solstice!

We find ourselves now in PARTY SEASON! There are work parties, family parties, friend parties, religious parties, parties for no reason, parties for many reasons, parties to celebrate games, parties to trade white elephant gifts… SO MANY PARTIES!

Another Kmart special, this shirt makes me laugh every time I see it! It’s unexpected to see Bert and Ernie holding cake and wearing party hats!

Always wear a silly hat!

Alas, poor Bert always gets the short end of the stick, or the short end of cake…


On our 325th shirt post, our friend Chris from http://nuactna-art.com/ made us a celebratory t-shirt design!



You can click the design above to order one of your own from him! And also check out http://nuactna-art.com/! He has a lot of awesome things cooking up over there! He just showed us the design, so we’ll be debuting the shirt on ourselves soon!


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