#332 – Escher 2

Skotte wore another Escher shirt recently (#326!).

This shirt was either another one he had from high school, one he snagged from my brother who was also an Escher fan, or one he got from my college roommate. It’s hard to remember these things sometime!


When I see the famous Escher staircase, I think of this scene from Labyrinth. (Click the picture to see a video.)

escher labyrinth

On the picture of the back of the tshirt, there is a hand holding a ball, which reminds me of another scene from the same movie. (Click the picture to see a video of Michael Moschen and David Bowie filming the scene.)


Something that Skotte & I learned while listening to The Nerdist Podcast is that Michael Moschen was childhood next door neighbors with Penn Jillette, and they worked together! If I’m remembering correctly, Penn even gave Michael the glass balls that started his career.

The thing I am reminded of today is that the unique things we can do as humans are special gifts! Use them to your advantage. You never know where they will take you!


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