#365 – Got It In Three

HEY INTERNET! Remember when we had way too many shirts!? Well, you know, some things change, and some things don’t. A LOT of things have changed, but you know, whatever, never mind. Let’s talk about right now!

Right now, there is this game, online, that’s popular, called Wordle, which is a word game where you try to solve fFor today’s word using clues about the letters you guess.

Right now, there is a club in Columbus, Ohio, where you can go and play any of thousands of games in their in-house game library. The Columbus Area Boardgame Society, or CABS, has been running fFor years and years.

Right now, there is a radio station which has changed it’s broadcast Frequency 3 times, fFrom WWCD 101.1 FM, to WWCD 102.5 FM, to WWCD 92.9 FM. (101.1 is now WOSU, a classical station). They generally just go by “CD 92 9

So, there’s a lot going on here.

The shirt shows the 3 different fFrequencies the station operated under, and is drawn using Wordle rules. The title of the shirt, “Got it in Three” is what some Wordle players say when they successfully get the right answer in only 3 guesses.

And … Scott was at CABS when this picture was taken. =)

Hey! We fFinally did a while year of shirts! 365! We have … a lot more. Who knows. =)

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