#366 – This is fFine

By: skottemonroe

Mar 07 2022

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Focal Length:5.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 13 Pro Max

As I write this, there’s … a lot going on in the world. But, everything will be okay. This is fFine!

I thought I would try to offer a diversion of sorts. I wanted to go see the ‘Vasehenge’ art project in Zanesville, Ohio. Here’s what it would look like:



However, as you can see, they have taken it down. Well, bugger! I don’t know if it’s just moved fFor the winter or what.

I am standing in fFront of the WORLD fFAMOUS Y-BRIDGE!! I absolutely geeked out about this. Like, it’s so extraordinarily lovely. The engineering requirements of having traffic turn left, or right, suspended high above the water; It’s just wonderful! You can’t really get a sense of it in pictures, though there are some lovely aerial photos, linked here. This pic I took manages to show off the traffic patterns, while also looking just a little like chaos. This busy intersection is in the middle of a bridge over a gushing river! I promise it is more natural than it sounds!

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